Sunday, June 18, 2006

more monkeying around

i drew this on a single sheet of paper, then scanned it and broke it into layers to color it in photoshop, and set the layers so they are more out of focus the farther back they are. i think its kinda cool, though im a bit worried whether that guy is gonna make the leap to the next branch...

Sunday, June 11, 2006

going ape

i have of late been drawing many unusual ape-like creatures not found in our world (to my knowledge). these include a picture of two bearded monkeys,
(Which i think look much better in color), several drawings of the maned lemur,

(even a little doodle of a very OLD lemur)
and a painting of the maned lemur just to get an idea what it might look like in color.

This drawing was the basis of the painting, but i went without the birds for the painting. the one in flight i call the Bird of Yahtzeedice (because there's more to it than a Bird of Paradise).