Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Henchmen Fever

They say a villain is only as good as his henchmen, (okay, so actually, they don't say that, I just made it up- just go with me on this) and the next installment of the Frogman and Tadpole strip will be introducing 3 of The Beatle's henchmen.

Gentlemen-er-Henchmen, step forward and say hi to all the nice blog readers...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wacky Walkabouts

here is some reference video I shot for a walk cycle assignment in my animation studies.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Graphic Tanning

I did a quick graphic design today. Here it is, along with the initial sketches.

planning doodle done with a ball-point pen on a scrap of paper:
Quick mock-up done to get feedback:Inked images which I used as basis for my final design:
Full final design, after I re-sized and aligned all the elements, added color and special touches in Adobe photoshop:
Postcard image advertising the location:Grayscale version:a b&w version for miscellaneous purposes:

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

New Character Roll-out

I have all sorts of characters in my head and on paper whom I have yet to introduce into my comic stories, but I am trying to introduce them gradually and in a logical fashion which will allow their different personalities to be illustrated and their relationships with established characters to be displayed clearly. One new character that will be seen in the next Edwin Aardvark page is a female turkey named Hedda Gobbler.

She is a close confidante for Edwina, the object of Edwin's affection. The name I gave her is an example of the theater nerd in me coming out, as it is a reference to the Henrik Ibsen play Hedda Gabler.

Here is a cleaned-up pencil from the first panel of the upcoming strip:

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

new comics...but not yet.

You probably haven't noticed yet, but I haven't posted a new We'n'sday Comics page for a while.
Rest assured that I have not given up on this creative endeavor. I just have a lot of other things to do... but there are still a million ideas rolling around in my head for each of the strips included in the page.

However, due to the incredible inconsisency for which this series will inevitably come to be associated for posterity, I am offically re-christening the irregularly scheduled digital comic page.

And due to the fact that i haven't drawn one since December 12th, the next one I post, which may be soon, will be Volume 2, Issue 1.

See you Wednesday (but which one is TBD)!

until then, you can peruse the previous 6 issues:

vol. 1, iss. 1
vol. 1, iss. 2
vol. 1, iss. 3
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vol. 1, iss. 5
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