Saturday, April 28, 2007

all that jazzzz

I went to see my brother play clarinet in the junior high all-county band and orchestra, and brought a sketchbook along. I find crowds a good place for sketching faces and different body shapes. There aren't many cool poses, since they're usually all sitting, but I find it is good for discovering new facial features and combinations.
Then when I got bored of drawing folks in the crowd, I just began doodling other things out of my head.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Pelican Briefs

I was watching some of Disney's True Life Adventures, and i had my sketch-pad in hand, and realized that, to someone who is considering animation as a way of life, watching these nature films was at least as useful as watching cartoons, if not more so.
later, i was sharing some of the sketches with my younger brother, who has been borrowing my copy of Art Moger's book The Complete Pun, and he said, "where are the Pelican's Briefs?" so i drew a pelican in his skivvies. Then my brother did his version of Pelican Briefs on the same page.

Then finally, i did my version of his version... on lined paper, of course, like an idiot.