Thursday, July 19, 2007

Title Wave

Two more title cards done today and yesterday...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

BG or not BG that is the Q

I've been doing some painting again as you can see, a couple title cards like this first one, as well as finally got around to finishing the background pan for the raging bull 'toon. I had to make a separate piece and photoshop it together so the pan would be able to scroll 360+ degrees.

Then I threw a colored drawing in to see how the character looks against the background.
I'm liking it. Now comes the hard part- animating this beast of a scene.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Respite of the Muses

In a feverish state of mind, I scrawled furiously, carving deep into the pad with my nub of a pencil, anxious to get as much on paper as I could while the ethereal and fickle muses still hovered in my presence. While sleepwalking through rote retreads of the character I created several months ago, inspiration came when I made a "mistake" in the placement of the facial features. As I examined the altered appearance of the man, I suddenly saw a world of opportunity for exaggeration, caricaturization gone mad, and I seized the moment, pushing my drawings further and further, until Nick was no longer the semi-realistic man here:He went through a rapid period of evolution,until finally he became the absurdly distorted abstraction you see here:Eagerly I pressed on, my eyes glazed with the mad gleeful fury of the ecstatic state of inspiration I had entered. I began to experiment with other characters, pushing them, pulling back again pushing another direction, exploring the limits of acceptable believability until exhausted, I dropped pad, pencil and glasses by my bed and collapsed into a sound slumber.