Monday, August 10, 2009

DUDE--- doodles!

okay, you're not getting the new comics until maybe next wednesday, so until then you're gonna get stuck with more of my pointless doodling. So deal widd'it.

coupla caricatures, a few feeble attempts at capturing that galumphing run which is so unique to the giraffe...

...And a drawing that quickly descended from an attept at a basically realistic sketch of a horse's head into the anarchic cartoony chaos you see as the result of trying to entertain and surprise the small audience of youthful observers who were watching in astonishment as I drew this. always fun to turn the act of drawing into an entertaining show, and kids always make the best audiences, as a simple thing will delight and amuse them- little things like having both eyes on one side of the head, or super-exaggerated short legs, or a ribbon tied into a bow on the "pony-tail."