Wednesday, October 06, 2010

thumbnail acting

before I start animating, I sometimes will do rough thumbnail drawings to plan the basics of what I want to have happen in the shot. This is an assembling of the thumbnail drawings for a scene in the cartoon I'm currently working on, which I've roughly timed to the music here:

all the basics of what I want are there- a lady pig is in bed, is awakened by noise outside, leaps out of bed and angrily stomps to the window to look out. the last pose is supposed to tie into the action of the next shot is her opening the windows then covering her ears.
the shot before the one in the clip is a vertical pan from the following image:
up to her window:the empty space beside the "Louie's Granola Bar" sign is going to be filled by a building that is bouncing about in time to the music, and will be animated separately and added later.

My next step in animating this "bedroom scene" of my cartoon will be to re-draw the scene again at the actual size I want to work in; first I'll create a layout drawing that includes all the details of the bedroom, and places the character and any other object where I want them to be for optimal compositional effect. On some of my shots I'll do some video reference at this point, though for this shot the actions are simple enough I may be able to skip that step and get right to animation.

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Josh 'Hat' Lieberman said...

looks cool man. can't wait to see the scene finished.