Sunday, December 17, 2006

Squirrelly Snackage

i had another idea that i'd like to animate, a much shorter project than the park bench scene- a mere 269 frames, as opposed to...well, i hadn't calculated yet just how long the park bench bit would run, but it is only getting bigger as more ideas come up, so i'm setting it to the side to let it develop, while i focus on this short bit involving a squirrel who finds some sour candies in a trash can and tries some.

The idea actually began as an audio clip that i recorded the other day when i was just playing around with a mic and a sound editor. This morning i started drawing ideas of how i pictured the scene occuring.

Here is the background layout- very simple and to the point; a trash can for the squirrel to root through, plenty of negative space for the squirrel to stand in so he reads clearly in the frame, and a tree that frames the scene, tying it all together.
And here are a couple key poses i scribbled out to get a better idea of what i want.

1.) Rooting through the garbage while humming to himself
2.) triumphantly downing a mouthful of sour candy
3.) the flavor starts to kick in
4.) the first of several crazy takes as he begins to gag- this is the least crazy...they will get absolutely insane- i hope!
Obviously there's more to it, but i don't want to give the whole thing away yet. Instead, here's a sheet of some of the drawings i did to feel out where i want to take the cartoon.

And here is the audio clip that started the insanity-

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