Saturday, March 17, 2007

weaponized proboscus

I got some free time, what with getting some more snow courtesy of Fickle Mother Nature, and sketched a 3-part progression (a tryptic if you like, but it's nothing so artsy as that makes it sound) for the amusement of anyone who chooses to take a look.

I fixed the left leg on the female here, along with a couple other, subtler alterations; it just didn't feel right before.

The proportions in this drawing are a little outta whack, but whatever, I didn't feel like re-drawing it.

And here is the original version of the first pic, which I had colored before I decided to changed the actual drawing...

1 comment:

A Margarita said...

Hehe, I am entertained. I like the painting and not just for the fact that the woman is the aggressor in the relationship. She looks like she’s really laying into him or simply wants to lay him ;)
. . . or perhaps both