Saturday, April 28, 2007

all that jazzzz

I went to see my brother play clarinet in the junior high all-county band and orchestra, and brought a sketchbook along. I find crowds a good place for sketching faces and different body shapes. There aren't many cool poses, since they're usually all sitting, but I find it is good for discovering new facial features and combinations.
Then when I got bored of drawing folks in the crowd, I just began doodling other things out of my head.


Josh Lieberman said...

Some of those drawings are really nice. Good characitures.
I just posted a ton of storyboard work i've been doing for school, i'd love to get some feedback

Josh Lieberman said...

u got the gist of it a lot better than i thought you (not you in particular, just someone looking at the boards unorganized) could.
Yeah, he's very chilidsh, and inexperienced, a big baby, so he gets that taste, and just goes nuts.

A joke i have is, after all those rapid shots, it cuts to a shot of an outhouse, all you hear is a licking noise, and then Forest burst out and skips off merrily.

I should have some more up next week. I appreciate the comment, i was tryin really hard with BG's to get them to work harmoniously with teh characters, so its good to know that they read nicely.

John Bryson said...

Gene, you gotta tell me how to set a profile pic. I tried all the photo hosting and nothing works....

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