Thursday, October 04, 2007

I Left my Art in San Fransisco...

Okay, not really, but I have certainly been slacking off in the visual department, mostly due to my being in Thespian Mode as opposed to DaVinci Mode. Last month I auditioned for a part in a local theater, and in preparation for that audition, I was spending more time brushing up my acting chops than I spent brushing paint on canvas or brushing eraser crumbs off the pages of my sketchbook. I did take the sketchbook to my audition to give me something to do in the time that I was not otherwise engaged, but ended up with only a couple drawings, as during most of my free time I chose to peruse a volume of the Complete Peanuts Collection I had brought with me. However, since then I have gotten to do a few pieces of "art," but mostly of a more graphical nature, in the form of some poster designs for a coffeehouse event that I am involved with in church.

Here then are those poster designs, as well as a sketch from the audition.
yeah, I know, this is a pretty half-hearted attempt. I promise to do something better for next time!

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