Tuesday, January 22, 2008

a parade of sketches

this last november i went to see my kid brother play clarinet for marching band in a local parade known as the King Frost Parade.

To avoid dying of boredom, i took a sketchpad to draw people who were standing around waiting for the parade to pass them by.

My sister brought her camera and caught me in the act.

I cut a picturesque and dashing figure, no?

no? well, let's move on to the sketches then.
Most of these were pretty quick and rough, so i wouldn't get caught staring at people.

there were plenty of fat chicks smoking, and a number of punks with green mohawks riding skateboards around in the street.

fat men with windblown comb-overs, more fat chicks smoking (and drinking), a hispanic man with a stupendous mullet...

a twinkling old man smiled nicely for this picture, and at the bottom of the sheet is a depiction of an actual event. a little boy with an over-sized blow-up hammer was hitting his dad in the butt with it while he tried to set up a lawn chair for granny.

and there was a shivvering woman who wore odd pants that were slit up the sides and laced together like leg-shoes. the other person is an old man who stepped out of a restaurant as the shriners drove by in their tin lizzies, then went back inside where it was warm. (smarter than he looks- or at least smarter than me!)

The rest of these sketches are just pages from the sketchbook i most recently filled up. there are drawing from church, and wherever else I happened to carry a pencil and pad.
I drew this in an attempt to gross out a sibling who was watching over my shoulder as the picture took shape. GAG! what a shape!

Below is an odd mix of sketches that shows the abstract way my mind wanders while I scribble.

And these are some sketches I did after This Post got me thinking about Bigfoot, and wondering "what if Big Foot was actually a giant foot?"

Then i thought of that stupid penguin movie...

and sharing the space is a less-than-jolly old elf.

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Josh Lieberman said...

I used a mouse good sir.
I drew it first, then scanned it in, and just traced over it in flash. Flash is cool like that cause you can manipulate lines after you've drawn them.

PS, i like your big foot. I feel like I've seen that before somewhere, maybe an old saturday morning cartoon or something. For somereason I remember a villian who was a big "foot".