Sunday, November 23, 2008

more cartoons coming soon!

I've been busy lately. Actually, that would be putting it mildly. Let me start again.

I've been buried lately. However, for anyone that cares, I have been preparing the next installments of We'n'sday Comics. To prove it, I'll even give you a couple of my pencil sketches as proof. well, actually, only the first one is pencil- the rest are ball-point pen. I like to do my initial sketches in pen, because otherwise i tend to cop-out and erase, re-erase, and re-erase again, but with a pen you kind of scribble until it starts to look good, and you can't take any of it back, and I kind of like that.

I also tend to not frame things in at first, since if i start with a box then try to fit things in, it gets all crammed up, or I don't have the important frames big enough, blah blah blah.... here's my sketches:

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