Sunday, May 11, 2008

Xpired Supers- rough outline

here is the rough outline i started from:


Length: 8 - 10 minutes (tops)

Character Roles (no particular order):

  1. Therapist (male or female)
  2. Superman (male)
  3. Poison Ivy (female)
  4. Mr. Fantastic (male)
  5. Rogue (female)
  6. Cyclops (male)
  7. Gene Grey

Opening Scene

(scene takes place in a meeting/office room of some sorts. A circle of chairs in the middle of the room – perhaps a table in the center with a tissue box, paper tablets and pens. A side table w/ donuts, water, coffee and snack type stuff. Some characters are standing and talking, eating and some are sitting patiently waiting for the support group meeting to start. Meeting room should have a window (2nd floor preferably). Everyone but the Therapist & Poison Ivy is in the room. )

(Therapist Enters)

  • Therapist calls the meeting to an order and asks for people to take a seat since the meeting is gonna start in a minute. People start taking their seats.
  • Therapist welcomes everyone back; possibly announce with enthusiasm the groups 1-year anniversary since the initiation.
  • Before introductions, Therapist announces a new member to the group.

    (Knock on the door, Poison Ivy Enters)

    (the entire group instinctively gets up in reaction (loud commotion, seats being pushed back, etc.) to seeing arch enemy and villain Poison Ivy enter)

    • Possibly have a few characters say some lines (i.e. “What is she doing here?!” - “Look what the cat dragged in!”, etc.)

    • Therapist calms the group down & encourages them to welcome their new group member, despite being an x-villian, she needs a place of support as well.

(people pick up their chairs and get settled with eyes darting back and forth, sort of waiting for something waiting to happen)

(Poison Ivy sits in between Superman & Rogue – where she then proceeds to tease & torment throughout the skit – verbally & nonverbally. Later in the skit.)

    • Therapist continues w/ the meeting. Proceeds to guide their discussion through “Introduction/Name”. Asks either Poison Ivy or Cyclops to start off by saying their name, the former superhero/villain name, what band of superhero/villain team they followed with and what superpowers they lost.

(Poison Ivy shares w/ much regret, yet thoroughly enjoys the attention and that she is making the other characters uncomfortable. The other characters react to her w/ facial responses)

    • Poison Ivy: “Hi, My Name is Pamela Lillian Isley, former SuperVillian, Poison Ivy from the Super-Villains, Suicide Squad. I lost my super powers of botany expertise about a week ago. A few of my powers included my body’s chemistry created touch activated potions-truth serums, love potions, and a masterful manipulator for my victims. This led to my many creations of a number of mutated deadly plants, which were under my total control. I guess I’m OK with not having them…hasn’t really changed who I am…I do feel a bit lost though…like, what next?! I can’t torment people like I used…. (frowns))

(Perhaps have a character say a snide remark after Ivy shares. “Maybe you should take up landscaping?” sarcastic.)

    • Therapist thanks Poison Ivy for sharing and starts to clap. The other characters slowly/reluctantly clap for her participation.

(Poison Ivy responds w/ sly smiles, yet pretending to not know that she is bothering others – knowing this is tormenting her former enemies to no end!)

    • Therapists points to Cyclops to share next. (Hi, my name is Scott Summers, formerly SuperHero, Cyclops from the X-MEN. Professor Xaxier found me and and I eventually became the leader. Of course, that’s where I met Jean Grey. We fell in love and married. (smiles to Jean Grey who is sitting next to him – holding hands.) It’s been 3 months since I’ve lost my super powers. I possessed the mutant ability to project a beam of concussive, ruby-colored force from my eyes. I had to intensely focus to control the eye-blast. I had a brain injury which caused my inability to control the eye blasts, thus, they created these special glasses to shut off and block the optic blasts.)

(this leads Gene Grey to follow him…)

    • Perhaps a starter line or two saying something like, “and he is doing very well. Still thinks he needs the glasses when we are outside around people, but he takes them off when we are in the house and w/ friends and family. Maybe a quick response from Cyclops, shaking head, etc.)
    • (Ivy jumps on the opportunity to torment Cyclops) “So you don’t need these then!” (Ivy takes his protective glasses from his eyes.) (Cyclops quick closes his eyes and covers them w/ his hand)
    • Cyclops: “No! Are you crazy!?! I can burn a hole through somebody!”

(Ivy tries to take his hands from his eyes. The Therapist tries to calm them down. Gene Gray goes over to them and steps in front of Ivy (protective like).

  • Gene Grey: “We can handle this… Honey, its OK…you can open your eyes…you’ve done this at home and didn’t wreck the place, right?

(Cyclops shakes his head (like a kid) with his eyes shut, not convinced. The rest of the characters encourage him to take peek. Verrrrrry slowly, he opens one eye…then the next. And nothing happens to his relief.)

    • Therapist asks Jean to go next…
    • Hi, my name is Gene Grey Summers, former SuperHero, the Phoenix from the X-Men crew. A psychiatrist recommended me to Professor Xaxier too. I lost my super powers before Scott – so I’ve had more time to accept the fact my powers are gone and I’m not who I was before. My mutant powers included telekinetic abilities enabling levitation of people and inanimate objects. I also possessed telepathic powers enabling her to read minds, project my thoughts into the minds of others. It’s been tough…I used to know what was wrong with Scott…well, because I could read his mind. Now! Now, I don’t know. It’s been tough on our relationship…

(Gene Grey get a bit emotional – Poison Ivy rolls her eyes – Cyclops (Scott) hunches over feeling a bit helpless and embarrassed.)

    • Perhaps some lines between Scott and Gene Grey – sort of husband and wife bickering…Gene tries to work her mindpowers on Scott. Scott than proceeds to say…those tricks don’t work anymore honey!

(Mr. Fantastic starts to look frustrated and impatient.)

    • (Mr. Fantistic cuts in) “You think you have problems!” My wife still has her superpowers!”
    • Therapist cuts in to control the discussion … (i.e. Ok, one at a time…why don’t you go ahead Reed.”
    • (Mr. Fantastic immediately starts talking) Hi, my name is Reed Richards, former SuperHero, Mr. Fantastic, leader of the Fantastic Four. I was a scientist. Me and my colleagues were exposed to cosmic radiation which triggered mutant changes in their bodies. One of my colleagues is now my wife who also was affected. Anyhow, my mutant powers included the ability to convert the mass of my entire body into a highly malleable state at will. In such a state, I could stretch, deform, expand, or compress in any shape. I relied on it from then on to do small and big tasks in life. I owned my mutant powers…it became who I was and why I was on this Earth. Sooooooooo, you can imagine…how hard its been for me to try to lead the Fantastic Four with NO powers. This year has been so hard – especially due to the fact that my wife, Susan Storm, a.k.a. The Invisible Woman still has her powers. She says she doesn’t love me any less….but I know that look in her eyes…she doesn’t look at me the same. I don’t think I’m enough for her. Plus, I think the others think they need a new leader for the Fantastic Four…WITH powers!

(Mr. Fantastik puts his face in his hands…in shame and hopelessness. Another character next to him puts their hand on his back to help him through. Perhaps a couple lines from other characters. i.e. “It’s OK, let it out…”)

(Perhaps have Ivy blurt a question out to Superman – “Can you bend that steal beam with your head?!” Superman (who is in denial of losing his powers) nods in confidence and proceeds quietly to try to bend it behind his neck.)

  • Therapist ingnores Superman & Ivy…asks Rogue to go next…trying to move the attention off of Mr. Fantastic who is very upset and pretty much lost his composure…
  • (Rogue timidly starts…southern accent) Hi, my name is Marie, but you can call me Rogue. I used to be a part of the X-MEN family (smiles) until….until (sadly), well, you know. I lost my powers. At first, I was misled and abused my powers against people – eventually Professor Xaxier accepted my genuine conversion to do good and learn to control my mutant powers. I grew up in Mississippi in Caldecott County.

(Poison Ivy interjects – perhaps a line in a southern drawl, patronizing, sort of, “Mississippi?! Lots of plants along that river, huh?” Poison Ivy gets real close to Rogue – Rogue is very uncomfortable and even freaking out a bit. Getting up from the chair even.)

  • (Gene Grey or another character tells her to go on…ignore Ivy.)
  • (Rogue continues) Yeah, well, as I was saying….I lost my mutant powers about 4 months ago. With one touch, I had the ability to steal or absorb like, other mutant’s powers if I needed to…their memories, knowledge, talents, physical abilities whether they wear superhuman or not! May sound cool…huh, cept I was real lonely. I had to keep my distance. I couldn’t touch another person without temporarily absorbing that person's abilities and rendering em unconscious! (starting to get upset)
  • (Poison Ivy interjects) Awwwwe, poor wittle Rogue…did that make you feel like a freaky outsider?
  • (Rogue continues in defense and anger) “You may ask why am I so stand offish and refuse to get close to people??!! The first boy I ever kissed as a teenager…I put him in a permanent comma! How would anyone take that!?! Its all I’ve known my young adult life!

(Ivy jumps up and puts her hands on Rogue’s face.) One line, “See, you aren’t sucking the life outta me!”…”you don’t need to where these”…(takes gloves off.) Rogue in astonishment and amazement starts to trust that her mutant powers are gone. She goes over to the Therapist to shake his/her hand slowly.)

  • (Therapist gives her a hug.) “Ok, now we are making good progress folks.”

(Rogue returns to her seat and continues to trust her new found freedom in touching people – perhaps – poking people or takes a seat real close to anther character.)

(Therapist walks over to Superman…the last character to share.)

  • Therapists looks down at Superman who is still trying to bend the steal bar and says in a genuine manner) “Ok, Clark, will this be the week you have a breakthrough?”

(Superman looks up from his “project” sort of unaware…and didn’t really hear the Therapist since he wasn’t paying attention.)

  • “Huh? What was that? (He stands to attention) “911 called and they need someone to break through a car to save a little girl?! (Super starts to run out…)

  • (shaking his/her head – the Therapist chases after him and guides him back to his seat) “Noooooooooo, Earth to Clark! I asked you to share next w/ the rest of the group.”

(Superman than sighs…like it’s a waste of his precious SuperHero time)

Oh, ok… (sort of robotic like) Hi, my name is Clark Kent, also knows as Superman. I currently defeats dastardly villains like…(looks over at Ivy)…well, like her (and points). I fight with Batman, Supergirl, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and loads more to keep Gotham City free of crime! My powers are limitless. I have super-strength – probably the strongest superhero on Earth. I can fly…able to defy gravity.

(at this point…most of the characters have heard this before and showing they are bored of his speel….knowing he does not have ANY of those powers…shaking their heads.)

(Clark continues…) I’m invulnerable to exposure to solar energy…I can survive outerspace. I have super-speed…for instance, I can fly from Metropolis to have dinner with Lois Lane (my main squeeze) (sheepish smile) in Paris, France, or in a few minutes fly to the Moon. I have super-hearing…super-vision and super….

(Poison Ivy slips over to Superman)

(Ivy acts dumb…) So, wow….you like have super everything! Guess that’s why they call you “SuperMan!?!” (Superman looks up in agreement) “Well, you know…I’m dying for a nice cup of hot coffee right now…you know, could you be a dear…and take a quick super-fly trip to Starbucks…I’d love a triple tall nonfat extra hot no foam latte please? That should only take like 2 or 3 minutes, huh?!”

  • One of the characters tells Ivy not to encourage him!
  • Therapists says the same

(Therapists walks in between Ivy and Superman)

  • “Ok, Clark…now we’ve been through this with you over an over…for the past YEAR! You lost your superpowers going on a year now and you currently work as an editor for the city’s paper. No more calls from the police asking for your help, no more trips to the moon either. We are here for you…we accept you just as Clark Kent. You are a talented writer and a great friend…I think its time to accept who you are, don’t you?! (Therapist smiles to encourage progress)

(Superman looks around the room (sort of scared like). The other characters look back in encouragement…) Perhaps a line or two from them (i.e. “Its OK Clark…”

(Superman looks around the room and then stops at Ivy…who is giving him that smiling smirk and picks up a cup nearby hoping he’ll take the trip.)

  • (With determination Superman gets up…the Therapists smiles thinking he is making the next step to recovery…and is about to shake his hand…but then Superman proceeds to walk to the window.)
  • “Ivy, I am more than capable to handle such a task as a triple latte. I am here to serve…

(Superman proceeds to open the window and get in position to take off)

  • The Therapist drops to his/her chair in shakes his/her head.
  • Perhaps Mr. Fantastic says “Here we go again…”
  • Gene Gray tries to convince Superman (mind control) to stay inside the window! “Step back from the window Clark!”
  • (Superman puts his hand out to stop anyone from coming any closer…) “Stand back – I will not let anyone stop me!”

(Superman flies/jumps out the window.)

(Ivy laughs.)

  • (Rogue says with a hopeful smile) “At least we’re only on the 2nd floor THIS time…”

(Perhaps a camera shot ending the scene looking down at Superman pasted on the cement parking lot, sprawled out.)

  • (camera close up to the side of Superman’s face still down on the ground as he barely squeaks out and says) “I’m ok.”

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