Thursday, December 17, 2009

It is Yeti December Yet!

Here's another Yeti-themed scene for your enjoyment this fine wintry December!

I imagine he's probably saying something like "why on earth would people want to come down here to Florida for the winter?" to his friend, the creature from the black lagoon.

And here is the progression on this picture from intial rough doodle-sketch to final inks:

1st a thumbnail on a scrap of paper I had handy at work, which has its own simple charm to it-

Then, a full-sized rough draft to get the forms on the page how i wanted them-

Then a cleaned-up sketch, working out the details-

and the final inked version, which i then scanned and colored in photoshop-

Yeti December is not yet over!!! If you get some free time over the holidays, draw your own concept of what the Abominable Snowman is like, and Share it with everyone over at the blog of the man known only as Hat!

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