Friday, February 19, 2010

I Do Requests... when i get the time.

This piece definitely falls into the category of mixed media. started out as a simple sketch a friend had drawn to give an idea what she wanted. She described it as "a visual interpretation of the word 'trust.' " I actually kinda like the simplicity of the sketch, there's something appealing to it.
But the request had been made to have the sketch "redone and polished."

So I started out by doing some thumbnail sketches with a ballpoint pen, trying to get a good idea how I might compose the scene.These weren't really working like I though they should, so i went back to the composition of original sketch, and ended up with a pen sketch like this:
As I tried to decide on what medium to use for the final version, I thought I ought to go back and read the description I'd been given to see if I'd missed anything...and discovered a few details that altered my conception of how the image should look.
"when a child takes a seat, wraps arms and legs around an adult's leg and trusts them completely on their journey as the adult takes the child for a ride...

"[i'd like to see] movement as if the Father is walking w/ the child...the child holding on tightly, showing delight, not fear. i didn't really show movement in my simple sketch. its pretty much a reminder showing a child-like trust for the one viewing it.

"[it should] look like a young child - w/ shorter length, whispy/wavy hair. the legs and feet are the Fathers.... i didn't sketch a robe, but there is one there at knee length.

"...incorporate the words "Father, I trust You" in the dirt below of some sorts, able to see it but meshed in with the background..."

Aha! this changed things a bit. Gone were the jeans, in came a robe. I also added a hand, so I could work in subtle details to indicate the spiritual significance of the image. I also put the feet into motion, where before the father figure in my version had been stationary. I also decided on an ink wash technique to achieve a sort of dream-like quality in the image. The balance of the image was off, so I added a second arm where I'd kinda copped out before. As I progressed through several layers of ink wash, I decided on a whim to add a bit of color to it with some transparent washes of watercolor. Then I finished off with some charcoal and lead pencil over the finished piece to add a bit of texture and darker shadow to it.

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Chris Sabatino said...

This is beautiful work, Gene! I love to see the process a concept goes through on it's way to a finished piece! Thanks for posting this and great job!!