Friday, March 19, 2010

political cartoon

Even though I was a political cartoonist for three years on my college paper, I don't much like to do political cartoons much anymore. I tend to prefer to do cartoons that aren't polarizing but entertain anyone who cares to look at them. Once in a while though, in fitful moments of passionate political fervor, the political cartoonist in me rises to the surface and takes over my sketching hand. Today was one of those times. The Democratic congressional leaders and our president's deafness to the will of a significant segment of the population, and their insistence on pushing for a bill that no one really seems to want but them, kinda has me riled up. So I hope you'll please pardon the following cartoonish outburst (and the sketchy nature of the drawing- I was at least self-controlled enough not to take it to a polished final version):
thank you. And now, back to our regularly scheduled non-partisan entertainment...

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