Sunday, September 11, 2011

sunday sketches

Here's some of the sketches that fall out of my pencils, pens, markers, or whatever utensil I have handy while taking in sermons on a Sunday morning. a few are cheaters as they actually were drawn at a Wednesday night Bible study.
this one actually was done over a series of 2 sundays and a wednesday night:

and a landscape done with markers on an odd glossy-type paper that doesn't absorb the ink right away, allowing the markers to smudge and blend with one another, which leads to some interesting possibilities for marker-coloring techniques:
an aborted attempt at combining colored pencils and marker:

just doodling around led to this wolfish sketch:
an assortment of cats:
a portrait done on the sly during a bible study:

a sketch of my nephew done this summer:several quick caricatures done in bible study:

and a fancy marker-and-ink caricature done at a coffeehouse on that glossy marker paper:
I started to do the side-men but ran out of time before I had to leave:
and an assortment of non-representational experiments in texture, form , color, etc:

well, mostly non-representational:


Jack Finnegan said...

The Bible study portraits in pencil are magnificent. The humanity of each subject is deftly revealed in the simplicity of each drawing, and it feels like I'm sitting in the room with them. They seem like nice people, too.

The Jerk said...

thanks, Jack!