Sunday, November 19, 2006

BG- it stands for BackGround, not the Brothers Gibb

Mission accomplished!
no, the novel isn't done yet. But since i got ahead a little last night, when i got up this morning, I had time to work on my background painting for the animated scene I am working on. And now it's finished! That means it's time for the real work to begin. Here is a look at the background, with some old drawings of my characters colored to get an idea how they will look against the BG.

This is a palette of colors i gathered to use in choosing the paint colors for the BG. I got them by finding a bunch of pretty photos online and pulling out patches of color so i could see what went into the specific color schemes of each photo that made it so appealing.

Then i went with a combo of these colors that i chose from these by scribbling out some different ideas over my layout drawing in photoshop.

These are some sketches i did to try and finalize the construction of the characters, particularly the crow, who i find especially troublesome to draw from certain angles.

I can't decide yet whether i want to go with the version of the turtle below or the one in the first picture, where the top of his head just rises above the top of his eyes. I'm leaning toward this one.

Oh, well, back to the novel. I still have another 22600-ish words to go.

~the Jerk

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