Sunday, November 05, 2006

Parked on the Bench

I have decided upon my next project- a full scene of animation, with a bit of dialogue, painted background, and the whole nine yards. I was going to call it "speaking of the weather," but that title was taken back in '37 by Warner's director Frank Tashlin.
I took a bit of dialogue I had come up with a while ago, and built a small scene around it using my Crow and Turtle characters (those aren't their names, just their species- I haven't decided what to name them yet, or even if such apellations are necessary).
I already have the whole scene planned out- I drew my "Storyboards" on strips of scrap paper I had lying around- 11" x 1.25". The drawings are little more than (and often less than) thumbnail sketches, but it was helpful to get down on paper everything that I want to get into the scene.
More to come as i progress on this project!

~The Jerk

P.S. Here is an object of possible interest- a while ago when I created the turtle character, and found it difficult to drawing him from different angles, I sculpted a small 3d model out of wood and painted it, to give me an idea of how he would look from any angle. As I don't have a digital camera, here are some pictureso got by laying the model on my scanner bed.

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