Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Rabid Rabbits

I have frequently found funny
the idea that a bunny,
a mild creature known for silence
could have tendencies for violence.

In high school, we had a rabbit in a cage in the science teacher's classroom, who was renowned for his insatiable hunger for the teacher's fingers. It was inevitable that the overactive imagination of myself and a small circle of cartoonist friends would envision the horrors he might wreak if released from the cage. The rabbit was called Erlenmeyer, after the Erlenmeyer Flasks commonly used in chemistry.

After drawing this picture on the back of one of my folders, I came up with an idea for an over-the-top sequel to the low-key, low budget original:

I redrew it again later, but i like the first rough sketch better-

Running with the theme of docile animals gone berzerk, I created a spin-off character:

There were some subsequent redesign doodles on scraps of loose-leaf during the duller classes in college...

Then finally, i came up with the three-quel, just in time for the May '07, the month of the three-quels...

here, Erlenmeyer has lost the Steven Seagal pony-tail in favor of a grittier Nick-Nolte look.

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John Bryson said...

dude that's some funny shizzzzz