Monday, March 10, 2008

Camping With Pop

I have been mulling over an idea for a rather bizarre concept for a future cartoon I plan to draw.

It is the story of a father and daughter on a camping trip.

"how is that BIZARRE????" you may be asking.

Okay, maybe that concept sounds a little pedestrian...but here's the hook: the main characters are headlice.

"Gross!!!" you say.

and you're right. it's revolting. but i really don't care what you think. I think the subject is full of comic possibilities. in fact I'm certain. I filled three pages with ideas for jokes, gags, story ideas, etc. (while I was working- as the ideas came, I scribbled them on a piece of scrap paper and pocketed it and resumed working)

Then i began quickly scribbling out ideas for character design for the two leads. These were done quickly (since my job requires efficiency and speed, I had to draw these in as little time as possible so i could get back to work) and they were mostly drawn rather small.

I have photoshopped the various scraps of paper into two large collages here, one for the father (who is closer to a final design)

and the daughter (who i haven't really worked very hard on yet).

Here is a comparison to give you an idea how small I drew these.
sometime later I may post more of my ideas for this cartoon, but just in case you totally hated the whole concept, here are a couple completely unrelated things i did recently:

a chicken i drew today at work during our monthly shift meeting,

and a bunny i drew on a plastic fork with two marks-a-lot pens.

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