Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Effects animation

after finishing all the backgrounds i need for the O2 commercial, I started to work on the simpler parts that don't involve character animation.
First I created images of an oxygen tank, a loaf of bread and some water bottles for the sequence "from the people who brought you sliced bread and bottled water, it's Oh!Tu."I drew the outlines in ink and shaded them with pencil, then adding additional shades in photoshop.
I used a drybrush technique to make the rays of light radiating from the objects, but used black paint, then inverted it and set them on a separate Photoshop layer on the "lighten" setting, at roughly 80% transparency. I also added additional beams of light in photoshop for the O2 cannister.

here is another little bit i worked on today:
Next I animated the tree bags opening and closing every 12-ish frames. The final drawings were done in charcoal then inverted and set to "lighten" in photoshop. Of course, by "animate," in this case i mean I drew three different frames: two extremes, & one in-between. It sound cheap, but the actions are very quick, and if you take a peak at my test video, you'll see it works well.

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