Sunday, April 13, 2008

Closin' in....

With a bit of free time on my hands, I finally am getting close to finishing an animated project that i started dec. 17th 2006.
It isn't that it was difficult, that it took time, or that it is a long project, it's just that i always have so many other more important things to do- like work, eat, sleep...and other projects i get involved in.

I have more than 2/3 of the thing inked now, and am still animating the other 1/3. Of the 2/3 i have inked, I have scanned in about 100 frames at 1180/880 pixel resolution, and 15 of those have been colored, textured, and placed against the background painting for a final framing.
The parts I haven't finished animated yet are 2 short opening and closing shots, and a close-up of the squirrel screaming in surprise and holding his face. Here are a couple of un-cropped frames from the close-up:


Josh Lieberman said...

That last frame is hilarious.
can't wait to see it.

PCUnfunny said...

Looks funny ! I would like to see it too.