Friday, June 06, 2008

Comic Strips- full story on page D2

I've been thinking lately of beginning a weekly page of cartoons, mostly as a means to motivate myself to produce art more regularly, as well as to amuse my three friends who actually read these posts. The page would have several different strips on it: a couple of continuing series, as well as spots that i would fill with one-shot gags or other things i might come up with. I haven't done a regular feature like this since college, when I did editorial cartoons for the school paper, and I'd kinda like to do it again, just for fun. here is a sample of the kinds of cartoon goodness you could look forward to if I decided to move forward with this plan:

the aboveis a finished strip, and below is a pencil for one i haven't inked or colored yet.

naturally, I would want to build up several weeks worth in advance so I don't have an impending deadline on weeks when I had other plans, but I've got all kinds of ideas I want to explore!

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