Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I probably won't have any new comics this week, due to the fact that I have so many other things I need to be doing, but as a consolation prize for the faithful few who read these posts, here is a full-sized version of one of the cartoons from volume 1, issue 6 of my series of cartoons. You can see the cleaned-up pencils for this cartoon here.
I have the rough sketches somewhere too, and the original doodled idea, but I'm too lazy to dig them up at the moment...

This picture though should give an idea how large a scale I work with to produce the detail in my comics. I generally do the final versions of these on 9 x 12 inch Bristol board, inking the old-fashioned way with a dip pen. Then I scan this and color it in photoshop and assemble it into the page layout I've established for the series. Sadly the size that blogger limits me to causes some detail to be lost, so I try to keep these from being overly cluttered by minutiae of details that will never be seen in the final version.

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