Thursday, September 01, 2005

Beat this, Jim Davis!

Once upon a time, there was a young artist who came up with an idea for a comic strip. No, he didn't take his clothes off. he drew a dog, a cat, and their master (not shown). and then he did one better and added a rat. He called it Gumper's Gang. He only ever drew 4 strips, and they were not even very funny, which means that it can easily compete with the Garfield comic strip; just keep running the same 4 gags, drawing the cute characters in different poses every once in a while, and people will love it, and buy all the merchandise related to it, and even watch the lame live-action movie based on it, and get rich and famous for doing nothing but make a couple of neat-looking drawings.
This guy was me, though, so the odds of "Rich and Famous" coming to pass as a result of this drawing are slim-to-nothing.

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Lord_Kappa said...

Oh, you're right I can comment without a blog. That's good.
As I said, that dog looks like he's about to blow chunks.