Saturday, September 03, 2005

just a cool design?

I just KNOW there is someone out there who will try to read more into this than there was WRITTEN into it. Some Pseudo-art Afficianado is probably looking at it right now, saying, "Well, ah, clearly the light-colored hand represents God, and the darker one is Man, who though made in the image of God is stained with sin. The first layer of black is the Darkness of the world, the second set of wavy layers represents the waves of uncertaintly in which we are all drowning, the third layer represents the tangled maze in which we lose our way as we try to find our way out of the darkness. the purple is the power of God that envelopes us when we take his hand..." etc, etc, etc.
The truth is, I just thought I'd make a cool design. think what you like, though I suppose.

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