Sunday, September 25, 2005

Viking Origins of Snow White Uncovered!

Archaelologists digging in Norway uncovered runes relating a tale remarkably similar to the fairy tale we call Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. the names are different, including (from left to right in the example) Rolf the Vomiter, Snotti the runny-nosed, Hariflak the dandruffy, and Snorri the sleeper; not pictured were other dwarves with such names as Derrik the Oily-Skinned, Bumpiskin the Warty, and more, equally grotesque names. Thank goodness for the French way of taming the old Viking vulgarity to get to the root of a beautiful story.
In the Viking runes just uncovered, Snow White's step-mother is killed much more brutally, being pushed to her death by the seven dwarves, and impaled on a sharp rock, with blood and guts spilling all over.

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