Sunday, February 03, 2008

Politics: from the latin; "poly," meaning many; and "ticks," meaning bloodsuckers.

I strongly dislike artists talking politics, despite having spent 3 years as an editorial cartoonist for a college newspaper. to clarify, I think that artists ought to address ISSUES that EVERYDAY PEOPLE deal with, not the political shenanigans that go on in Washington.

That said, I am still glad that Giuliani has dropped out of the race for Republican candidate, as he and i disagree strongly on many issues I feel are important. How good a leader he may have been during the 9-11 crisis is not as important as the kind of leader he might have been in the White House. So then, here is my take on Rudy's foreign policy:

"The Monroe Doctrine"In case this cartoon doesn't make sense to you, try an image search on Google for "giuliani cross -dress"

And now for a little lighter fare, i present... Spidey's 50th birthday!

And this is a drawing based on an old aesop's fable about The Frog and the Ducks, which was used as a sermon illustration today.
A frog wanted to go flying, but having no wings, had to come up with a different means to achieve that goal. He found to ducks, and got them to hold a stick between them, and grabbing the stick in his mouth, he was able to ride between the two. As he flew high overhead, some people saw the strange picture, and wondered aloud, "I wonder whose idea that was?"
The proud frog said, "I did," but, when he opened his mouth, he fell to his death.

Moral: pride comes before a fall,
sometimes, you just gotta keep your mouth shut!

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Bazzargh said...

I was writing up the history of the frog/ducks story (it's not Aesop, btw), and came across your sketch in passing.

I thought you might be interested to see this illustration from a 1570 edition of the story - look familiar?