Tuesday, February 12, 2008

zounds! a pink hound!

Somewhere I read once that Salvador Dali used to lie on a couch with a silver spoon held suspended in his hand above a tea platter so that as he drifted off into a dream-sleep, his loosened grip on the spoon would make a sound that would awaken him so he could paint or sketch what he had dreamed before he could forget it. Whether the story is true or not, that restful twilight between here and dreamland is indeed ripe with images that are waiting to be drawn. I often have zillions of ideas pop into my head as I am about to drift off, but being too tired to get up and draw them before I fall asleep and forget them, they are often lost forever. However, I was taking a nap this afternoon and had an idea which I decided to act on. I grabbed out my pastels and a piece of paper and drew it out straight-ahead. It was more of a color-image than a detailed drawing, so I didn't sweat details like contruction, composition, or other technical aspects of art, focusing more on capturing those colors I saw in my head. sadly, what you see here is a mere shadow.
A fun shadow, but still not quite the picture I saw.

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Josh Lieberman said...

for some reason i really like his feet, not sure why?