Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Water Colors For, or, Light Painting, Being the Detailed Accounting of the Further Adventures an Aspiring Artist on His Journey to Create Art.

I seems to have had a sudden surge in the number of posts I've done recently. Here is another, a detailing of the process I go through to create a watercolor. This was something I painted this afternoon in preparation for a demonstration I will be giving to a group of 7-8-9 year-old boys tonight about the medium.

It is interesting to note the difference in appearance between a photograph of the painting and a scan of the same painting. The colors seem a lot more rich in the photograph(above), as the natural light plays over them, more like the way I saw them as I painted, whereas the scanned version(below), even after tweaking the colors, is a lot flatter with only the light from the scanner reflecting on it.

After I finished the painting, I drank the apple juice in the glass as my reward.

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