Friday, February 16, 2007

Compose Yourself

The last time tried to compose any kind of music was when i was in Much Ado About Nothing in college, playing the role of Balthazar, a servant and minstrel of less-than-dubious skill. in the play, there is a scene where he is called upon to sing a song, and he does so, much to the chagrin of those listening. Naturally, the original text has the lyrics, but does not delineate what the tune would be, so mr. Smith, the professor directing the play, asked me to just come with a tune on my own, so i found an empty practice room with a piano and plunked out a simple tune, and wrote it out, then, since i didn't play guitar had another cast member teach me the 4 basic chords i would need to know in order to accompany my I caterwauling. He even taught me some basic finger-picking technique, and with a couple week's practice, i soon knew the song backwards and forward, could play the chords with the guitar over my shoulder or even upside down with the wrong hands. Some 3 years later, i still remember those 4 chords, even though i forget which ones they were- i think it was D, A, G, and one other one. Dag. Since then, i have not set pen to a piece of sheet music once, except occasionally to turn the page in a piece i was playing that had been written by someone else.

TODAY, however...

I came up with a pleasant tune to play over the title cards for the Squirrel scene. I haven't written it down yet, or recorded it at all yet, but it's been stuck in my head all day- i've been whistling, humming, yodeling, squeaking, and squawking it incessantly, and even came up with some optional lyrics that would fit well with it, serving as an effective undercutting of the simplitically sweet tune with slightly tasteless words.

I don't know that i will actually use any of this or not, but here for your criticism or amusement are the original, unedited lyrics:

Dennis Squirrel,
He's a loopy guy!
When he talks he
Might spit in your eye!
Dennis Squirrel,
He's an acorn fan
When he wants grub
He's always got a plan.
Dennis Squirrel,
He's a silly git,
'Cuz all his plans are
Worthless as spit!

as soon as i write down the tune, and come up with some harmonizing notes, i may post it on here. or maybe not- it depends if i want to embarrass myself with my lack of skills in musical notation and composition.

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Josh Lieberman said...


thanks for all the advice and criticism. (Especally considering you had to tyoe it twice).
I pretty much agree with everything you had to say.

The first shot of Poncho, the framing is totally weird.

I had done a thumbnail of it, where Poncho wasn't as centered, and for some reason I had trouble translating it to a larger board, I drew it a few times, but it just wasnt workin.
When I do the layout for the actualy animation, I'm sure it will change.

oh by the way, yes he is mexican, and he's a penguin. And yes, he does rip off his eyelids.

Thanks again