Sunday, February 04, 2007

Off the Cough

I finally got a few spare moments this week to spend on my animation, so now I am about 50% done. I did about 50 frames this week, inbetweens and all, then after I was sure it was moving smoothly, I went back and did some corrections on some rough spots, and cleaned-up the first 153 frames of what will end up being about 313 total drawings. (that's about 13 seconds, in case you were trying to do the math in your head) Here are a couple of frames to peak your curiosity.


Josh Lieberman said...

that last one with the tongue swinging around is hillarious
you have some nice drawigns,
are these extremes?
also, well, if they are, I think there are a few that you could push a little more.

drunk crazy said...

nice movement in the drawings. how are you getting these onto the computer? separate camera shots then to video or what?