Saturday, February 24, 2007

Roughly Speaking

I have a rough cut (extremely rough) of the squirrel animation for you all to see. It''s not even 50% done, really, but I thought i would put together what I had done and give you guys a peek.


Josh Lieberman said...

i know its rough, (extremly rough), but... when he eats the gum, it goes by to fast for to register. I would make that part a little longer so it reads better.
(I'm sure you knew that though)

John Bryson said...

Gene, that's effin awesome! You should do an animation of calivin peeing on calvin peeing on calvin....ect. or have a shark eat a smaller shark, then poop it out and have the pooped shark eat the shark that pooped it out...... you can call it surrealnimation.