Saturday, January 06, 2007

Inspiring the next generation...

My two brothers (ages 11 and 14) have been watching over my shoulder as i work in my free time (and i wish there was more of that) to create my short animation, and i have been using them as a sort of test-audience to screen my ideas. They seem to draw inspiration from me for their own artistic endeavors, and so i have sought to be a worthy source of such admiration. I suggested that they should try to animate themselves, and when i got the response "maybe someday when you show us how," I said to them, "you've been watching me do this for the past month, if that isn't showing you something..."
Then i went into my room and, digging through my archives, i found an old notebook that i got when i was in 7th grade (1994-1995), which, though supposed to be used for school, ended up becoming devoted to my earliest attempts at creating moving cartoons- somewhere around 14 total individual short flip-animations of tap dancers, morphing creatures and other, more bizarre animations that defy simple descriptions.
when they saw that one doesn't have to be an adult (or a facsimile thereof) to create simple animations, both guys set forth to create their own projects... If i get time, maybe i will share their results on here. For now, here is a sample page from the notebook that i used to inspire them, filled with drawings from when i was probably about 12 or 13.

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Josh Lieberman said...

That's awesome. I have so many old notebooks/textbooks/tests with drawings and flipbooks all over them.

I actually took an AP class (Advanced Placement) Statistics (worst idea i've ever made in my life) and on the AP exam I didn't know one of the answers (i didnt really know any of the answers), so i drew a comic strip in the answer area.
I figured the people who grade those are stuck there all day are and probably bored out of their minds, and i didn't know the answer, so instead of bullshitting I decided to lighten up the graders day.