Saturday, January 13, 2007

sour face!!!

I took a couple penciled frames that i have drawn and quickly threw some color on them to get an idea how the squirrel animation will look when i eventually finish it and put it on my background painting, here's a peek...

(which i drew most recently)
FRAME 124-ish
(which was drawn earlier)

From looking at these, i noticed some troubles with the character's readability against the background, so i am currently re-touching the painting, getting rid of some of that muddy garbage that spills from the can, so that i will have more negative space around the character...

Meanwhile, I also am continuing with my new idea for an animation project, adding characters
and extending my ideas for the layout. Here is about 2/3 of a small sketch i did of my idea. above is a smaller thumbnail, that shows the dining area that would connecting the two ends of the drawing below...
The scene will start at the main door, as a chicken rushes in, apologizing for being late to work, then we pan 360 degrees around the room, following a brutish cook-slash-waiter, Nick, as he deals with various complaints throughout the dining area, then come to pause on the bull at the bar who is struggling with a crossword, trying to guess a 3-letter word for starchy tuber. from there, I'm not sure what will happen yet.
In case you are puzzled with the crossword yourself, the answer is "Yam."

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Josh Lieberman said...

I like your suggestion about arching the tree that frames the shot.
The plane break, i know about the 180 degree rule, but i think i like the choppiness of it, i can't really tell though untill i see it on screen.
I'm going to do some more rewind boards later, try to incorporate some of your suggestions.