Sunday, January 28, 2007

Time Off For Good Behavior

I haven't drawn much this weekend, but i did practice coloring with some of my older drawings...
I inked the drawing of Nick and the Chicken, and colored it , then placed in against the background to see how it reads.
Then i did the same thing with this squirrel and rabbit, adding shadows underthem that i think tie them down nicely.
I really need to finish this painting, and get back on that squirrel animation... maybe this next week.

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Josh Lieberman said...

Those are probably 2 years old, around there. I little less actually. Ive done a lot of animating with flash.
my senior project in high school was an 8 minute animation i did about our school, in flash.
By the way, that is very nice line work on the inked "nick and duck" picture