Friday, January 26, 2007

Puma Cougar Mountain Lion Panther

Well, that wasn't as hard as i thought it would be...
I already have come up with a reasonably workable character design for the puma mobster/godfather wannabe.

Here are some sheets of really bad scribblings I made as I played with proportions and such trying to come up with the final design, sometimes getting distracted and doodling other characters instead.

In this first one, the puma's nose morphed into something very much resembling the Coyote that appears in some later Pluto cartoons.

Getter closer...

...and on this page I finally got in the ballpark of what I wanted, by nailing down specific anatomy and defining details.

As a bonus for suffering through these bad drawings, here is a glimpse at my progress on the background painting.


Josh Lieberman said...

The puma is coming a long nicely.
Writing is something i've been doing for as long as i've been writing. I want to be a writer and storybaord artist for telivision at first, Nickelodeon primarily.
Then pitch my own shows and be producer or a creative head.
I've written some stuff for feature length films as well.
I'm very passionate about both animation, and writing for animation

Josh Lieberman said...

"Writing is something i've been doing for as long as i've been writing."
I meant to say drawing at the end there...ha
for as long as ive been drawing